ETN family! We need you.... now!

Hi Everyone!
Heard of the three arrows? :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:
I think its time we the Electroneum community came together to fight some fuds that is targetting ETN and its community for no reason or maybe a selfish motive behind it.
Have you ever faced things that he falsly claimed ? (I DIDNT)
When on earth did we get 10 etn in 3 weeks time?
I personally on behalf of 2.8m user’s would like ask you to drop “a review” for the whole of community.
If everyone one of us at least get 2 users(friends family or through social media) at least to drop a review there will be nothing stopping us from progressing.

Please take this seriously and be a part of this move.
The screenshot got me furious as these are nothing but false made up claims. Do you feel the same?
Vote this topic up and comment your thoughts below.
Also go ahead report this false review.


It does my head in when people complain.

Its free , FREE FREEEEeEEEeE !!!

What do they want 100€£$ free a month…
Yes it takes a long time but at the current price its saving up , spend when it gets huge. Look to the future not the now , thats todays priorities , now now now…

Chill , the best things come to those who wait

Go 5 star it people , explain the truth



I have just reviewed it at 5 stars. The app is smooth and cloud mining is truly revolutionary. Especially when we really start hitting the unbanked regions.

I can understand negative reviews but not when they are based on something that is given away for FREE. We do need support from everyone to help review on the app store. It only takes a second. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


The review is wrong - 26 days not 20 weeks. Sooner with referrals!


Ikr, bad review are always welcome if it has some facts behind it.
But this one is totally out of hate.
I am forcing my friends to drop 5stars now :joy:


and none of the info provided in the review was true either.


On the app store can you go through every review? And read/respond?


I think you can go through reviews and only report.


Can you please drop here the link so its easy for us to give our 5 stars or even moon… :wink:


here you go.


Feel free to report this review.


:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: I Agree totally…


I guess you are right.
Any review should be respected but this one is just totally a false one.
Hope mwc project brings massive user base through out the year.
Haters wont be able to keep up.


Its just unfortunate im not using iphone, but then those wishing us bad won’t succeed and I’m sure they are doing that to discourage others from investing

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Thanks @Deleted_Account
@Redwan and everyone for the diligence and dedication.
Ive seen for the most part what is the end result of “Going to War” on FUD.

The best message I see we can spread in “retaliation” is education.
Post Facts as retaliation and stay clear of involving emotion.
It will really help this project long term and build the confidence of both new customers and investors.
Thanks to all you dedicated people for looking out for our investment.


Hey wanna see some serious negativity?
Take look at “Cryptocurrency Youtuber’s” latest Electroneum video.
That "crypto clout "guy.
Look at the comments there.
Honestly, thats beyond hate its pure sabotage and its not worth dealing with.