ETN Arena - Story


HI All! Thunder here bringing to everyone the ongoing Saga of the ETN Arena Gameplay. Thanks to @Saint_Crypto for getting it going. Basically it is our community version of a fun internal D+D style game where you battle monsters fight the Fud and in general geek out and have fun. Shortly I will be posting the heroic efforts of those who are already playing the game. For anyone else interested reach out to @Saint_Crypto or @Tim or just join in the ETN Arena - Gameplay. Good Luck and Have fun!!

Our Heroes: (community members currently playing this game)

@Saint_Crypto Name: Augustus Hornblower Human
@Kahvia Name: Soulsight Human
@84cb62908bdae9b2c887 Name: Alexandre Swiftblade Elf
@Thunder Name: Thaddius Blightseeker Dwarf
@Tim Name: Yoshi Moonshadow Elf

The Backstory: Our group of adventurers found themselves down and out of luck for a variety of reasons, and over a long period of doing odd jobs and barely getting by ended up at the village of Fud. It was here that our weary adventures met each other and quickly became friends. While at the Tavern of the Laughing Boar a small town guard cried out to anyone whom could assist in the slaying of a goblin archer that was killing people on the outskirts of the village. As civil unrest had taken many of the town guards away to the neighbouring town of ETN (pronounced Ettin) the town guard numbers at the village of Fud were very small.

The newly met group with a few drinks in them grabbed their weapons and donned their armour save for Augustus that preferred wearing cloth. Together they ventured out into the dark wet, cold night to perhaps save themselves from boredom and just maybe save the village from loosing anymore villagers.

AND SO BEGINS the epic journey of the FUD Fighters…

Stay tuned for the first Chapter to be released very shortly… and by chapter I mean one page at a time. lol


Chapter One Page One: The Village of FUD

The wind howled as relentless rain pelted down from the skies, as our battle ready heroes moved to the outskirts of the village of Fud. A rampaging goblin archer was wreaking havoc upon any unsuspecting villagers travelling near the river by the village. Thaddius Blightseeker the shortest of them all, being a wily dwarf, was not impressed that he was getting wet. Then again not much impressed dwarfs at the best of times. Augustus Hornblower looked magnificent as he slipped behind a large tree to survey a low lying mountain range that started a mere few hundred feet away. His cloth had a shimmer to it, and his movements were agile, with purpose. Soulsight and Yoshi Moonshadow were nowhere to be seen as they were ahead in the dark already scouting the mountain range farther along the river that twisted right on by the village of Fud.

In the not too far distance a guttural howl could be heard as a arrow slightly missing Thaddius bounced harmlessly off of the side of a large rock where he was standing only moments ago.

Soulsight screamed,

“Over here” there was a large amount of noise by a thicket that Soulsight was standing in, that a stray dog from the village had run into. He bolted out of the thick bushy thicket surprising Soulsight. The dog jumping up on Soulsight excited to see that someone had come to save him, fell limp as the the goblin archer’s arrow found it’s mark intended for Soulsight!

As the goblin archer stood as tall as he could to get the best shot, that was all the time Augustus Hornblower needed, with his mighty weapon in hand he attacked the now revealed goblin with a tenacity rarely seen even amongst fighters. Horrific spurting sounds came from the goblin archer as it was clear to see the goblin was not ready for the impressive and agile attack that came from Augustus. Yoshi Moonshadow, weapon at the ready had climbed the small cliff the goblin archer was on to already find it dead. Augustus Hornblower already standing over the dead body triumphantly while the steady rain continued to fall upon them all!

With the Goblin archer killed the adventurers made their way back to the Laughing Boar Inn. Where they were congratulated by both the remaining town guard and the villagers that had heard of the good news which had spread very quickly.


The Defeated Archer Goblin…


Chapter One Page Two:

Well into the early morning, the clouds had tapered off and slivers of light shined over the village of Fud. The Heroes now well into the sauce had not slept at all which would normally be absolutely expected after their previous night’s exciting adventure. While they were regaling their stories of the goblin archers defeat the doors to the tavern swung open and a town guard from the city of ETN entered half stumbling, breathing heavy, and was bleeding profusely from a massive dent in his helmet. As he collapsed to the ground he simply pointed out through the door, no where in particular, and half shouting an almost forced whisper said,

“Minotaur…killing guards…”

Before he could say anything else he started violently shaking, for a moment he looked up his eyes narrowing, as if looking around and taking in his environment one last time, then he died, his eyes staring lifelessly off into the distance.

The Fud fighters once again grabbed their weapons and headed for the door this time not as sharp as they were the night before, but adrenaline coursing through their veins it was as if they had not been drinking at all! Once they were outside they witnessed a huge Minotaur wearing an ensemble of tattered leather and chain bits swinging a massive two edged axe completely destroying what was once a merchants stall. Tendrils of steam blowing out of his massive nostrils he turned to focus on the new threat before him. They could smell him from where the adventurers stood a reek of garbage and disease.

Thaddius Blightseeker rushed the Minotaur, being too drunk to care and shouted, “that’s enough of you then” and before anyone else could do anything, he single handedly was fighting the Minotaur. To the surprise and bewilderment of the rest of the adventurers they raised their weapons and also charged. A massive fight ensued with Thaddius Blightseeker twice being sent airborne from the pure raw strength of the Minotaur hitting him hard. The dwarf completely pissed off now waded into the battle uttering foul words and swinging his weapon like a lunatic. The others that had weakened the Minotaur stepped back as the angry dwarf ran right into the Minotaur as fast as he could move. A shattering sound could be heard as sword upon skull rendered skin from face. The Minotaur fell and so did the dwarf. Yoshi Moonshadow picked up the dwarf and ran back to the Laughing Boar Tavern and laid him upon a table. Alexandre Swiftblade tended to him medically as Soulsight watched with a concerned look. Augustus stood nearby mending a small injury the Minotaur had given him also concerned with his new found friend Thaddius. Hours after and now all of them completely exhausted Thaddius Blightseeker awoke with Soulsight tending to his various wounds. Thaddius looked around then passed out from the pain of his injuries…

Stay tuned for more to come…


image The death of the Minotaur Warrior at the hands of the dwarf Thaddius Blightseeker


Chapter One Page Three:

The adventurers gathered their strength and over the next week fortified the village of Fud to the best of their abilities. They also sharpened their weapons and mended their armour. Thaddius was fully healed and once again was looking to prove himself in battle. A small contingent of town guards had been sent from the nearby town of Ettin and so once again the village went back to completing daily chores, and preparing for the soon to be winter ahead. The stories of the heroes bravery had spread far and wide and soon the village started to swell in numbers as many other brave warriors and adventure seekers came to see if they could earn some honour in battle. They also wanted to know if the rumours of these new heroes were true.

Yoshi Moonshadow was holding a war council outlining the importance of how best to defend the village. As he did work at the ETN palace at one point in his younger days (his brother Elinar was the cities captain of the guard.) he had the most experience of the team in deciding the best way to go about preparing the village defenses. He pointed to a map while Thoron, the Captain of the Fud village guard, nodded his approval.

Captain Thoron was a massive man, his red beard three hands long, was well kept, a habit of his he had kept up as a young man. Recently he had arrived from the city of Ettin, the King, Richard himself had sent him after hearing of the disturbances causing chaos in the village. Thoron realized there was much to do and prepare. He gathered his men and made off to start building some ground spike traps where the mighty Minotaur Warrior had fallen not so long ago.

Yoshi finishing up with the other newcomers eagerly awaiting their moment of heroic destiny, waited until they had also left the war council meeting, sent off by him to also bolster the village defenses in various strategic spots around the village. He then met with Alexandre Swiftblade a muscular tall handsome looking elf. One of the cities guards had said a large Rhycerdon was wandering close to the city of Ettin a couple of weeks ago. That information was passed off to Swiftblade whom now informed Yoshi.

“Yoshi the Ettin town guard, I believe his name was Auttius spotted a Rhycerdon a couple of weeks ago, the guard were too small in numbers and went back for more support but upon returning to the field of battle could not find the beast and called off the search a few days after. I thought you would want this information”,

Yoshi nodded and thanked Swiftblade for what he had said. Yoshi blinked a couple of times while digesting this new information. As if on cue the village bells, recently put up in the Yeager’s farm barn which was almost in the smack dab middle of the village started ringing, alerting everyone that some sort of danger was imminent…


A young Rhycerdon, most likely similar to the one the town guard Auttius had spotted.