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how many health left on that dragon?



We’re in trouble. Have any of those worms been spawned that become targets in the target table?


Yes 1 worm is on the target table.


Remember that Brutality points can be spent earn extra dices in order to flee combat aswell as breaking crowdcontrol. @Kahvia can also spent brutality points to heal any target for 1d6 for each spent.

@Tim also has around 800 accumulated ETN, enough to create more characters if you want to fill up the target table :wink:


Major Patch (Very Important)

  • Dual Wielding: Characters may now dualwield weapons, the offhand weapon deals half the amount of dices as the primary. Both are added to the same damage roll, if the damage was an uneven number, the dices are rounded down and adds +2 in the end.
  • Shields: Shields can now be purchased and crafted.
  • Twohanded weapons in one hand: Players may use a twohanded weapon in one hand in order to have a weapon or shield in their offhand. The primary weapon will however deal half the damage this way.
  • Ranged Weapons: Ranged weapon has a 50% chance to not trigger a retalitation. Roll 1D6, if the result is 4,5,6 nothing happens. If the result is 1,2,3 retaliation happens as normal.
    Ranged weapons also requires ammunition to work (exception is the sling which can use rocks found everywhere).
  • Ammunition & Quivers: Ammunition, quivers and crafting recipes has been added.
  • Classes & Class Progression: Warrior, Scoundrel & Mage base classes have been added. Conqueror, Guardian, Rouge, Ranger, Wizard & Priest advanced classes have been added see docs for more info.

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Minor Patch

  • Fugazi Day: Today’s (November 16th) it’s
    exactly one year ago since Fugazi made his 35$ price prediction video. We celebrate that by healing all current players for 35 health and offer them +35 damage on their next attack roll!


I would like to be a wizard please :slight_smile:


@Saint_Crypto please could you add these dark essence that I got from the bog witch?


Oh I see that I don’t have enough BP to choose wizard yet. Just a mage for now please :slight_smile:


@Tim -10 BP.
Class Mage added.
+1D6 Damage
+1 Brutality Point on awards.

Choose Continous Learner or Arcane Missile


Docs up to date


Continuous learner please :slight_smile:


Aight you are now awarded +2 brutality points whenever you earn any.


I cannot choose class yet, do not have enough BP


@ETNbot roll 6D6 to attack dragon


:game_die: 3, 2, 4, 5, 2, 1


I would like to attack too.

I will be using my daily crit chance increase.

@etnbot roll 10d6


:game_die: 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 4, 2, 6, 2, 6


16-10 = 6dmg
30 etn earned
Retaliation dragon who @ETNbot roll 1d5