ETN and how to believe

I do proudly announce that I am owner of new 70,888 ETN’s invested my self. DO YOU BELIEVE?

Yes I beleive. I have 53,000 ETN now because I’ve been buying with the price so low. I would be a fool not to.
It’s going to take some time but I’m 100% confident it’s going to come good.


I agree. Foresee your future now. This is what I say to my family and my friends all the time. Brick by brick = palace, but needs time. Patience is a Virtue.

Good Lord, incredible.

I wish you all luck to become one of the first millionaires invested in ETN. And believe me you will.

Well, I agree. It needs time and patience and vision to foresee your future. We learn from our mistakes, I did, painfully.

Back to 2012 I had 1700 BTC and as you probably would imagine I did sold them all. I had to, the life is hard.

But I have no regrets. That only made me more vise and dedicated to persist in what I believe.

I have little over 100k+ ETN’s and I am happy to hold and believe one day again I wil be millionaire:))



ETN NEVER WILL be 1 sats… never will be bellow then 0.005… :slight_smile:
Trust me :stuck_out_tongue:
This is last low price .


I can’t see ETN prices falling much lower than they are now.
Now is the time to buy big. Buy as many as you can afford. Trust me, good things will start to happen soon.


Below 0.005 now hahahhahaha buy mooorrreee lol

So we are now at the same price as Doge coin. And Doge coin has a current circulating supply of 116,016,773,297 which is more than 15x higher than ETN’s circulating supply.

Can someone with good knowledge of the current market situation analyze this and provide some input? Definitely seems to be more volume happening with Doge. ETN should be so much higher, something seems pretty odd with what’s been going over the past so many months. I guess that’s just how the market has been playing out with ETN, but it almost seems intentional in some way. But I don’t know. Would like to see some input with the comparison of each coin versus price.

Dogecoin is old 4 years, and one good news, thats it, doge cant be mined by asic (i am not sure for this, but i think)
Guys if you are here to compare Etn with other coins, and if you are here to only look at price , cant wait probably sry but i think you are at wrong place.
Dont want to say nothing bad, just ETN IS LONG TERM PROJECT.
IF TRUST, DONT LOOK AT PRICE, LOOK AT ALL MOVE BUY ETN TEAM, IF NOT Its time to leave coin and find other… if stay you i am sure not will make mistake…
Btw i am investor and i hold around 80 000 coins, and i am too buy at porice 0.15, 0,12, 0,8, 0,5 0,1 0,0062 my last buy and i am too in big lose. But i can lose that money if etn fail, I AM PREATY SURE HE WILL NOT!

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Sry i am wrong he is bellow 0.0000001 .. from 0.005
Sry again :*

That’s the journey we take

Are you m system by any chance?

HODL ma HoDL for sure

For this to support ETN I created this pool I have too big amout of coins invested in ICO stage and wish ETN to succed. If you have more than 4000 coins you have more than is avereage per person and its your support to this amazing crypto project with BRIGHT future in front of us - just HODL strong :wink: