ETN accept here

Hello,I already accept ETN on my website - just wondering how to share this information with the ETN community- is there any specific website ?

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I can’t remember where, but there is a way to let the team know, and they may promote it on their Twitter/Facebook. If I find it, I’ll reply here.

You should post a link to your site though!

Wow, that’s a great aggregation site! Needs some TLC visually, but a great addition for the community!


What’s your website address?

Would be happy to include your details in our Business Directory, too. You can submit the relevant info using the Directory Registration tab on the same page!

Electroneum Academy is not on there?!?! :scream:

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Hope the topic is right, I am completely new here (not in ETN but the forum).

I sell quite a bit on eBay and other auction sites. Now to support ETN payments (and mass adoption or that people get to know ETN) I wonder HOW I can accept ETN instead fiat?

Sure, it’s easy to give out my wallet key but what if there’s a sudden price change?

Any ideas? Thanks…