Empty paper wallet


I’ve had my ETN on paper wallets since ICO, waiting to be able to make use of them. I checked one of them last night and it’s showing as zero ETN. I’ve checked a few other this morning and they are also showing zero. No one has had access to these paper wallets. Why are these showing zero and how can the ETN mysteriously vanish from a securely hidden paper wallet?

Not sure what happened as a result of the recent blockchain migration. Best thing is to log a support job. I can’t see that the coins will be gone unless someone had the passphrases. More likely that it just needs to be migrated to the new block chain perhaps. I am sure one of the admins can answer better but my first thing would be to just log a support ticked on the link below

Thanks for the suggestion and quick response!


How are you checking your balance @user1131 ? Importing them into the mobile wallet or using CLI/GUI?

If using CLI/GUI, what transactions show in your wallet? what height have you refreshed the wallet from? do your deposits show for when you sent the coins to the paper wallets? Are there any withdrawals? Is your node up-to-date and synced? The current block height at time of writing is 1260060, what’s your node/wallet on?

It physically impossible for coins to disappear, if you sent ETN to an address, it can only be one of two things…they are still there, or they have been sent somewhere else. Sounds to me like you are doing one of the following:

  • Trying to look at a balance on a unsynced wallet in CLI/GUI
  • Trying to look at a balance of a synced wallet which “started” at a block height higher than when you sent the coins to the address
  • Looking on block explorer for the balance which will not show unless you have created a migration transaction by using CLI/GUI on the wallet.

…but you will need to provide more info if you want help.


I imported the wallet into the www. electroneum .com

I don’t know how to ‘look at’ CLI/GUI. I seem to recall people talking about a terminal or app for viewing this data, but I don’t recall how that was done…

How do I look on block explorer for the balance?


OK, try importing it a second time to the mobile wallet. :+1: Since the aurora blockchain update sometimes imports need to be done twice. The electroenum.com import process will be updated at some point to fix this.

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Yeah need to be second time… I can see that in my import too… First is showing 0

Thank you. I’m letting that re-run and see if it works.

Thanks, this worked!