ElectroneumBazaar.com is launch today


Dear all,
Our site “Electroneum Bazaar” will be officially launching today.

  • Designed as a Bazaar or a market place where people from all over the world regardless of race and religion could Trade, Buy and Sell their items using ELECTRONEUM (ETN).
  • Electronenum Bazaar is FREE for anyone to use.
  • By giving free access to use Electroneum Bazaar, Our Vision is to provide a Bazaar or a market place to link Electroneum users together across the globe with this unqiue gateway in the developing world to all other users in other parts of the world.
  • Electronenum Bazaar is a place where we hope to help further develop and the compliment Electroneum economic model and their road to mass adoption.

Please help spread the word and news about our site.
Together we can make MOON! happen.


The bazaar looks great! Are you using the Woo Commerce plugin of the Joomla one?


Simply amazing concept.
I have passed on your link to a couple of sellers already.
Thanks for your positive contribution to a truly wonderful project.


Site looks very clean and simply designed I like it, It still feels surreal seeing shops popping up accepting ETN. Thanks for your support and keep us updated on how you get on, would very interested in some sales stats if your willing to share at a later date. Thanks