Electroneum101 Shop - New Owner


Hi Everyone. I am the new owner of https://electroneum101.com/ . @benjaminoo, a good friend of mine and fellow reddit moderator, sold me the site. I am proud to follow in his footsteps and continue all the great work he has put into the project. From the great HowTo articles, to being the 1st site to implement the ETN Instant Payment System, as well as creating the wooCommerce plugin so everyone can use and accept ETN on their eCommerce sites; while those are very big shoes to fill, I will try my best and make him proud and continue the great work he has started. Thank you Benjamin for the opportunity!

I have added many new products to the shop, feel free to take a look around! You can also test the IPS system, by purchasing the demo ETN Logo product to see how fast the IPS really is!

Electroneum is accepted at checkout! (Paypal too, but who still uses that dinosaur of a payment system?)



Very Nice…I Purchased the Logo before and was very pleased…AND i shall now do it again Just because i Love ETN…:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::+1::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Again It was fast and instant…I’m Loving this payment system…:ok_hand::ok_hand:
I now have 3 logos…LOL


Thanks for letting us know @xterest . Good luck with the project and congratulations on becoming the new owner! Do let us know when you add anything new to the store or the site.
@benjaminoo – thanks for all your work on Electroneum 101. Hope we’re still going to see and hear from you as much as we did when you had the site!


Just received MUG from your shop. wery fast. Thank you


Dear friend
1st congrats for the new task and the new duty for managing such an important site.

i’d like to check with you with a breakthrough advice, can you make a purchasing system for etn like localbitcoins.com with escrow system.this must to be ready.there must be other alternative ways to gain big quantities from etn other than exchanges which many ppl are not experienced in this and require simplet methods.

please review seriously


Good luck with your new business. The WooCommerce gateway is excellent. I have integrated it into my website. You might consider introducing a directory of sites using the plugin. I’d be delighted to have my site listed or used as an example. HTTPS://I-Can-Help-You.com