Electroneum Twitter (Blue tick)


Any ideas how the main Electroneum Twitter page can be certified to have the blue tick. @TRON Foundation, has an official page with a blue tick. It seems like it would provide much more credibility to the cryptocurrency and reassure new people into the market.

How do Electroneum obtain this?


I believe you’re talking about a verified account. @BegaMutex could you relay this to the team. I also believe their Twitter account should be verified.


That’s what I mean :smile: it really would help! And can’t be difficult to acquire :earth_asia::iphone:


it’s starting to get late in the UK begamutex might not see until morning but I’m sure he can assist this information getting to the team :+1:


Thanks for that @PrestoCrypto and @BegaMutex if you can help that would be great to see… Also as we see so many scam accounts using the same logos. For new users it is more easier knowing what account is real!
It’s my bedtime to, I am also from the UK.


No problem I completely agree with you :+1:




Thank you for clearing this up :+1:


Thanks, thats a shame being on hold :tired_face: