Electroneum Tv on telegram

Hi everyone, I’m a member of the Electroneum community, we have seen some awesome content created by our youtubers, however, I feel many of us miss out on some amazing content because it disappears in our telegram threads or we are not active for a couple of days.

Today Electroneum tv has been launched on telegram, it is a broadcast channel so it will only contain links to content from our Electroneum content creators.

This will be a great place to catch up on all your favorite content creators and also discover new ones.

Join Elecroneum Tv:https://t.me/electroneumtv

Content creators let me know if you want your channel added.

Please note this is a community project and not connected to the electroneum team.

It’s a nice idea @CryptoSpotlight i put it to my telegram list :blush:

Thank you, yup it will give people a place to easily find Electroneum videos :slight_smile:

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