Electroneum Transfer

Good Day, I bought electroneum using KUCOIN. They are presently in my kucoin account, is it possible to transfer them to my mobile app wallet? I would like to have all my coin in one place.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome.

You would need to select withdrawal from Kucoin and scan your QR code inside you ETN wallet or copy and past your receive wallet address inside the KUCOIN withdrawal section.

The best way it was ever explained to me is act like you are receiving and or sending an email.

inside your ETN wallet use your receive address.
Paste your receive address inside the Kucoin withdrawl section.
Select how many you want to send to your ETN wallet then send.

You may have to confirm the withdrawl from your Kucoin account VIA an email.

Then the coins will hit the blockchain wait a few and you should have a new balance.,


Thank you very much @MUENORTCELE for your response.


I hope it makes sense. Its really not to bad once you do it the first time.

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@MUENORTCELE yes it makes sense but I haven’t been able to access my kucoin account. I will try it again later. Thanks

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First you must transfer ETN on Kucoin from trading account to main account. Then you will be able to transfer them to ETN mobile wallet.

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Thanks @Jernej I have done the transfer. Ready to withdraw to my wallet

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Yes, you can install a wallet on your mobile and withdrawl ETN from Kucoin