Electroneum Reddit vs Community Forum


I’m not a Reddit user.
Could an avid Reddit user give a ballpark estimate of the numbers following Electroneum there vs here? As I understand it’s still the busier area.
Also I’d like to speculate on how we can bring those people over.


/r/electroneum has just over 20,000 registered. As for here, I’m not sure.


2160 Users (09.19.18)


Sadly our user base on the forum is still pretty low but i’m sure it will only rise up higher and higher each day we keep seeing new people on the forum :blush:


Low and bad. Sorry. Full of censorship, they will get you ban for every reason, no matter what, there you cant say anything to proove them wrong. Some braindead moderators, zorry :slight_smile: . We have the official forum here, no1 needs reddit.


Yes forums that support free speech are growing and that are politically neutral. I am enjoying this platform.


+ 879 users (40% increase) in 10 days :+1:
We have more than 3k users now :heart:


Just the beginning for sure.


imagine when the deals of 100 million user reach start how many we will increase then on a daily basis :thinking:


Yes, all those users recieving ETN via mining and buying ETN and wanting ETN, and spending ETN!!! Bring on October!!! And the next 15 months will be a hoot!!!

Other crypto moving through the ETN technology!!!

Yes 103 million under current deals and Richard said BIGGER ones down the road likely before or after the new year!!! :slight_smile:


Things look pretty good. Last time it took less than two months to get from 2.5 cents to just about 20. Not implying it has to be the same, just saying it’s not unimaginable.