Electroneum on Wikipedia

I’ve noticed that a couple times an Electroneum page has been created on Wikipedia, but was taken down (probably because I wasn’t done very well). There’s currently a draft underway, but it’s pretty bad as is.

If anyone has experience creating or editing on Wikipedia, please fix it! Being on Wikipedia is one more baby step to adding credibility to the project. Some newcomers will head there first before bothering to look further into the project. Remember that if you are invested you can still make edits to the draft, but perhaps hold back on publishing the article due to policies.

I agree. :+1:

So many people jump right to Wikipedia after Googing something. I do too sometimes, but always take what I read with a grain of salt.

I however, have no experience with posting/ editing on there. @MSystem or @BegaMutex maybe?


I just asked Alexa what Electroneum is, she knows!


Good Idea. It would need to be made by someone who’s been a user longer than 4 days with at least 10 prior edits and must it be fully referenced and not copied and pasted from websites