Electroneum Mall - The one place to buy and sell with ETN


The Electroneum Mall is on its way! We thought it would be a great idea to build a multi-vendor website using Electroneum as it’s sole currency. This website is dedicated to the promotion of using ETN in everyday life, opening doors for new vendors, giving them the ability to gain awareness of their product ranges and also showing everyone how simple it is to use Electroneum.

We are currently looking for vendors across the globe to list products on our website, you can apply here http://bit.ly/2OvfUDT

Or you can register for the latest news and updates at http://electroneum-mall.com/

Note: this is a separate entity and not part of Electroneum itself


Awesome. I just submitted my vendor info.


Thanks for submitting your info and showing your support :slight_smile:


This is a great one! ETN really is not just revolutionary it also revolutionises


Excellent! How do you plan to handle the fiat to ETN challenge for first-time/non-Electroneum users?


Yes! This is what we need. Great job.


Hi there.
Thanks for your comment! This website is designed for those that already have Electroneum (which is its sole purpose). I have been thinking about your comment though and we could implement guidelines on how to purchase Electroneum via Fiat. I guess at this point it is a bit difficult only being able to purchase via BTC.

I have however seen posts in the forum regarding prepaid ETN cards being purchased from shops over the counter. This would work well, and would be able to use with our online store.

Who know’s it might be a feature that we add in the future, being able to convert fiat to ETN via our website. First things first, we need vendors to come on board :wink:

Thanks again for your comment!


Thanks mate! the site will be able to handle multi-country also - so this opens up vendors being able to export their products and potentially gaining further reach. We also have the ability to lock products/vendors to their own country if there is no intention on exporting - We just want to show our support towards Electroneum, we believe creating a multi-vendor platform will be the way to go - an easy way to vendors accepting Electroneum

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Why don´t sell paper wallets??


You have just given me an idea! @oboxis Brilliant thinking!


Not so brilliant if people start selling empty paper wallets, but if trust level is high enough it can be done


Hi there, the way we would prevent this from happening is by selling it ourselves to ensure that it would be a legitimate voucher for anyone that purchased. This would then create security and peace of mind for those that intended on purchasing Electroneum.


If WE met face-to-face on Trafalgar Square, we could hold hands and wait for paper-wallet import confirmation.
It usually take a few minutes.

Trust: If I’ve successfully bought from you before, I might accept to buy another .pdf copy of your paper-wallet via any social media channel


You have made a good point. Maybe there should be an authorized dealer approved by Electroneum themselves of vendors supplying “prepaid Electroneum cards/wallets”. This would validate authenticity on the cards/wallets




Update: Had a meeting with a New Zealand exporter of honey and pollen products this morning who is interested in getting involved in the Electroneum Mall concept. They suggested implementing a shipping company that also accepts Electroneum as a payment method.

As this website is planned to sell products worldwide for our vendors I think this would be of substantial benefit for it’s users (vendors included). It would be great to see a shipping company like DHL, FedEx, UPS to be able to accept this currency so that we can buy and sell tangible products.

Is there any discussions around partnerships with shipping companies that we can look at or in the pipeline?

They also raised some valid points in converting ETN to fiat and vice versa, which we are looking into on how we can implement.