Electroneum instant payments demo at Emeralds Gift Store


I have uploaded a demonstration video for Electroneum Instant Payments which is now accepted at Emeralds Gift Store.
We have also listed Electroneum T-shirts for sale on our site for anyone wishing to buy one.

ETN Video:

ETN T-shirts

Thank you!!!


Fantastic work, well done!!!


Great work,
I look forward to seeing more like this.


I was honestly going to post something about a place to buy kids toys with my ETN.,


Cheers guys!!!


@Lets_Go_Crypto can you tell us about the ETN gift cards? How do they work, who is making them, and when will you be selling them?


Hi, thank you for your question.
We are currently making and designing the gift cards ourselfs. They are basically an offline paper wallet, but will be printed on designer card with a scratch off seal to reveal the private keys. Hopefully be ready in the next couple weeks.


Great work! I’ll be checking this out for some Christmas shopping for the nieces and nephews this year :+1:t3: