Electroneum Fork Soon?

how do I synchronize the blockchain from the 300000 block? what are the steps to do? is there a guide?

version number is fixed now in github:)


this command doesn’t work for me it says failed to initialize core

Just let it run, I couldn’t figure it out. :slight_smile:

is the DB in the same folder as the exe? try adding this parameter too to see more output:
–log-level 4

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24 hours, 78% synced

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Mine synched straight away. Did I do something wrong. I didn’t delete

you should have deleted it.

from here

“resync the blockchain from the v6 fork (or from the beginning of the blockchain) - whichever is easiest for you.”

popping till v6 doesn’t work so only way is from scratch


yeah, I deleted my database and resynced from scratch, my blockchain is up to date again.

Saw many people having trouble pop’ing a few block off the chain, tried to delete 10 blocks off. Looks successful, but got some boost related error-messages too

The electroneum-blockchain-import.exe command line option
–pop-blocks looks bugged in the win64 binaries

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fully updated blockchain peers doing their thing :heart: :


I’m running version but I didn’t download the blockchain, I use the remote node method. Can I still use the remote node method with the latest update? If so can someone please tell how to update, because if I delete my old version and download the new version won’t my wallet be gone?

Just save all the wallet files and copy them over to the new folder.

the win binaries still contain the old version number:(

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Hey, I want to download the new new version again again, is it enough to delete the old folder, and start from scratch. Is there anything else I need to delete first.

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if the folder also contains your CLI wallet and secret keys then perhaps you should save them first:) I had the blockchain DB in a separate folder so I renamed that and created an empty folder for the new DB. I downloaded the binaries and overwritten the old ones. Started electroneumd with the empty blockchain folder name as a parameter. synced in 30 hours from scratch on my PC with Intel I7, 32 gb mem, blockchain is not on SSD, 100mbit/sec netspeed


Yea, I had already backed up the key/wallet files. Is the database stored in a different folder?. I deleted the old before downloading. Instead of doing replace. And extracted into same download folder. Still synchronisation happend in minutes. Hmmm

the database is in a different folder by default. on win it’s c:/programdata/electroneum/lmdb

see here for more info

you can put the db anywhere but then you have to start electroneumd with the --data-dir parameter


Perfect, thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Edit: fresh synchronisation started…


if you put the db to a new folder don’t forget to delete the old one, it’s 37gb

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4 months later… :slight_smile:

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