Electroneum Fork Soon?




Any prediction. :thinking:

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ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

A great deal of PRs being pushed out on the main repo recently. The devs seem to have been very busy making improvements. :+1: Excited to see what they have planned for the next update.


Until now we’ve been migrating changes from a private repo to the public one in one go just before the fork.
In the future we’re going to start committing (some of the) new code along a public develop branch as we write it so that the development process is more transparent in between forks.

Also v8 is not far off. We have to thoroughly test version dependent changes and then we will finalise the release and freeze the codebase, immediately fork the testnet, and then fork the mainnet one month later.

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Hi Chris, I see you have a new profile here.

Are you one of the developers etn recently employed?

Welcome to the forum anyway.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome @Chris_ETN
Thanks for the update.


Very cool. Glad to hear we are making some blockchain code changes


Sounds good. Thanks for the update Chris.


Thank you for the news! :grinning:


Chris is Chris Harrison, he have been working for ETN since a few months :wink:


Thankyou for the update


Thanks @Chris_ETN!

(Some humor for my Friday afternoon…)


So there will be a fork? :thinking:


not hard fork, just soft fork, with all the slick new code… :slight_smile:


When you say v8 isn’t far off… Do you mean ETN will be forking to the GPU mineable v8 simular to that of Monero v8?


Electroneum V8 :wink: not cryptonight v8


Correct. Electroneum v8.
I’ve been with ETN for one year now. I was the first developer hired after the ICO to work on the blockchain.
Exciting times ahead :blush:.


For all of you who work such long hours for Electroneum,
Performing miracles (most of which I cant even pronounce let alone understand)
I found these little morsels for you.



During the last fork I thought that was Electroneum v2 what happened to or when were v3,4,5,6 & 7?




@Chris_ETN thanks for the updates.