Electroneum (ETN) – Why its rise to the top is likely to continue


Who wrote this anyone know?

is it an ETN enthusiast or reporter?

Great article! Sounds highly likely!

Love the article, mass adoption is coming. It may be sooner than a lot of people think. When moon? I say it’s coming soon!

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Electroneum is making all these gains in a sluggish market. That’s a pointer that once the market turns bullish, the value of Electroneum could shoot up by a higher margin, than its current rate.

All the above factors make Electroneum (ETN) a high potential crypto, not just in quarter 4 of 2018, but going into 2019 as well.

More Great news and it just proves we have all backed a racehorse not a donkey !!! All the fudders and nay sayers will all be proven wrong …

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Thats definitely Awesome news @Plankton_ETN :hushed: i can’t wait to see ETN fly away :rocket:

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