Electroneum ETN in Bitcoin News




mention of the ddos attack but nothing about hacker one. :angry:


Relax, you are nitpicking the article, we are being noticed by the big players now and that is what counts.



This’s great!
This will bring more investors on the way :+1:t3:




is it a top 5 crypto website?


they are talking about ETN tokens when it’s a coin…


It’s amazing to see ETN getting recognized by the bigger news media’s out there that will help Electroneum even more to get mainstream and towards mass adoption :blush: I liked the article @MSystem :sunglasses:


things like this really bother me, but I’m trying to take M’s advice and just think about the fact that the article will get people to look into ETN, and when they do they will see that it’s a coin…and the best crypto project on the planet.


This is a really nice article.