Electroneum (ETN) After a Successful Year Enters November Aiming For Coinbase



Would be superb to be listed on coinbase, and would increase our value. However, I believe ETN will need to make further progress with KYC before this happens. Thanks for sharing.


I don’t believe ETN will be on coinbase in the immediate future. I don’t believe KYC progress has anything to do with it as no other coin/project currently on it has KYC. It simply needs to prove itself and live up to its’ potential. Then and only then will coinbase consider adding it.


I agree @Cryptoman976. Other than 0x (which confuses me), the coins listed on Coinbase are in another league in terms of stature, market cap, and liquidity. If they open it up to 100s of coins (like most exchanges), then sure. But otherwise, I don’t see it.