Electroneum Community Forum - Other Than English?

I think the idea of creating an Electroneum Community Forum was a great idea to bring together those behind the project. Are there plans to create Electroneum community forum’s for those around the world that don’t speak English?

We created threads in each desired language, so if there are people from that particular country, can discuss there.


Heey @24246dea8085a6209cdd where are you from? because their might be already a topic going on in your language! :sunglasses:

you can find some thread with different countries and language here

Io preferisco usare google translate e leggo i post di tutte le lingue

Anche questo funziona. :thinking:

If there isn’t any new thread in italian, you can create one.

Google Chrome does the translation. In this way, I enter the forum and understand a little / I understand. I am also commenting with Google translation :))

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