Electroneum as a Christmas gift

What do you think about giving an Electroneum paper wallet, with some amount of coins as a gift for christmas ?

I think its better than an amazon(ie.) gift card, since you can spend the ETN in multiple places already but you can also hodl and hope to make amazing gains.

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I think it’s the perfect idea to help spread the word out by making people realize the friendliness of cryptos.I think by giving out a few coins it wouldn’t hurt any hodler.It is the perfect way to bring people into the cryptospace.

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I did this last year. Sent 10,000 to several people. I wrote on the back of it the date and deposit amount and included a usb drive with the pdf file of the wallet and put them both in a ziploc bag.


I think its a perfect introduction to Crypto for the people you love for any gift incentive.
Wouldnt you just love to get a gift one year that in ten years time will have grown so much you cant fit it under the Christmas Tree!!

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That would be a great gift idea


I’ve seen a couple of places, and one guy on twitter I think, that offers ETN gift cards. Love the above USB, paper wallet idea above, may use it this year!