Easy Electroneum miner program

I’ve done it with the Easy Electroneum miner program, but my bonus blocks haven’t been deposited. What’s the problem?

You are referring to the official electroneum app’s cloud miner?

If so, then the Cloud mined ETN doesn’t transfer to your wallet balance until it reaches at least 100 ETN accumulated in the cloud miner pending balance.

This allows a smoother running blockchain by reducing the number of transactions to be processed daily.

It makes more sense to have one transfer of 100 ETN tokens vs 100 transfers of 1 ETN at time.

It tells you right under the displayed pending balance amount – Payout at 100 ETN

If it doesn’t happen exactly at 100, then just be patient, it will process it.


It processes over 1000 blocks per day

Are you trying to mine ETN for real?

That is no longer possible by anyone other than the approved NGO miners.

You are unware of the recent fork to POR?

It may seem like it’s doing something on your PC, but you aren’t actually connected to the blockchain.

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Please provide me a way to extract etn currency with graphics card

I believe you can join this mining pool, they mine other coins, then convert and payout to ETN I think.

What is the name of the pool?

Do you have software to introduce me to?

ThorsHammer - they have been around for some time. I think it is ran by an ETN community member.

All the info is in that post, just click on it.

And if you have questions on how to get it up and running, I’ll try to find someone who can walk you through it with more knowledge than me about setting it up properly.

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Click on the post I just linked to, it will take you to the full post, with all the info you seek.

They have a link to a Telegram help channel too.

Or you can just expand the post too to read the entire post.

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