Downloading the blockchain again

CLI worked fine for a week until today. The only change was installing 2fa (yes linux has 2fa for logins) on this machine.

4.15.0-38-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 10 10:59:38 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

2018-10-29 22:03:22.707 7f785d370bc0 WARN blockchain.db.lmdb src/blockchain_db/lmdb/db_lmdb.cpp:73 Error attempting to retrieve a hard fork version at height 0 from the db: MDB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found

Now I’m being forced to resync from the beginning. Not the end of the world but it does take 2 days at this point:)

Why not use the blockchain.raw - took me about 4 hours last night ?

Did you completely delete the data.mdb first ?

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thanks ill look into this and downloading now:)

You’re welcome… I recently posted a few things to watch out for here. A little ‘heads up’ if you will… You may well know it all, but possibly worth a quick read.

you don’t have to download the blockchain if you use the remote node method. method 3 here:


unfortunately the blockchain.raw gets stuck or crashes on two different machines at block 325,000 . Back to the good ole download and wait…

Did you delete the entire old blockchain folder in %ProgramData% folder ?

Since when does a Linux OS have ProgramData directory…

You will find contents of blockchain inside /home/user/.electroneum remove entire .electroneum directory (rm -r /home/user/.electroneum) and import raw blockchain again.

Also use --verify 0 if you aren’t, since you are grabbing official blockchain.raw

./electroneum-blockchain-import --input-file /RAW/BLOCKCHAIN/PATH --verify 0

@cuddlesquid you’re attitude really is stink and you have been unnecessarily trolling me since the CLI thread.

Anyone could easily understand the appropriate folder structure across systems - the vital information is there, delete the entire blockchain folder.

Why don’t you have a word with yourself and stop being such a negative impact on this forum.


lol, harsh words for the Number One contributor to this community

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I swear I was trying to help the fella, I usually go for the open threads with 0 replys after some time, I knew that hardly anyone would contribute to his question, I might of read it a little too fast to properly answer,… but I thought I was being spat at after meaning 0 harm :confused:

Though once again man… you are about the only one to jump into fire like this… we are a bit rare, we can be mean but deep down we mean to help.

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That’s part the problem.

Thinking being a big contributor gives you the right to name call (deleted from other threads), trashing threads, trashing replies. It’s childish, where is your sense of community ?

The CLI thread thing is over - let it go.

My reply was essentially the same as your follow up reply, that being : delete the blockchain folder, start afresh.

Sure I was referring to a Windows set up, but just follow appropriate for the OS being used, in this case Linux.

You say you were trying to help - what was I trying to do ?

Utterly stink attitude that will only make people think this place is to aggressive to stick around. You’re acting like a bully - not everyone stands up to them.