Donation of used cell phones to needy communities!


Hi! Me and two friends, we are trying to give a little help to poor people who live almost inhumane ways in Brazil. We are collecting broken cell phones or even collecting it through the dump. To repair them and donate them to needy people, already with the etn miner installed on your system. We are just trying to help, give a decent future to them through the etn and give them digital means of inclusion and increase the number of miners of the etn block. We do this out of love and self-will. But if you want to help us, whatever minimum etn value you can help is already good size. So I’ll leave our donation receiving address below. And if it is your interest to know but about us this is our WhatsApp: +5582988516462

Our etn donation wallet:

Remember you are not required to donate your etn. But if you want to give good ideas we also accept . Thank you!


Amazing community members helping others

Great job :). Keep updating us.


Superb work mahn… keep it upp


great job !!! we can make kind things with etn


Thank you! It is little love we can give. That they are giants.


Yes, we did, two phones today . And after the post already we are receiving messages to collect telofenes used in some addresses. Thank you all. And we will continue to spread the love.


donated… small amount but great idea to support :wink:


Thank you! Your love is no small thing! And yes a lot for the project. Spread the love and spread the etn around the world! Small gestures great gratitude!:raised_hands:


I like the idea. Please make a short video about your group. This way people will get more involved.


In our country it is already night! Let’s record and post as fast as possible. :star_struck:


These were donated today! We’re still going to do tests to see what their problems are. To send for donation. With the etnminer installed. Let’s increase the numbers of miners little by little.! images%20(17)-1


We have not done the video yet, because we can only get the other teammates who are on the project with me. On weekends. During the week we work in different companies. But this weekend we’ll be posting a video on YouTube and explaining more about our project.


Glad to see the community doing some extremely awesome and charitable things! Electroneum has such a massive, amazing community. We are definitely going to see new highs in the near future!


Thanks anonymous donor of 1,000etn. We really appreciate your help!


Donated a small amount of etn to support the cause, keep it up fellas!