Do you think Mwc 2019 will make price go up?


Do you think that the secrets the team finally tell at the Mwc 2019 will make our price go up?


Im willing to bet if people like what they see at MCW and are wanting to jump on the ETN rocketship, the price will reflect :wink: no one really knows future prices


it all depends on the markets at that time , we may see a rise but that depends on what the actual announcements are


I hope the announcements are major partnerships with household names that everyone has heard of :smile:


so do we all , i look forward to feb25th to see what etn has on the table


yes…if partner stock up their share…


Depends on the announcements and the market overall. Some are predicting we will be hitting market lows in Feb which could be an opportune time for a drastic bounce to an uptrend reversal overall, but we will see. No one knows for sure.