Do you need a permission to use the ETN-Logo for merch?

Hello guys,

recently i had some (kinda) funny ideas for ETN-Merch (T-Shirts and Mugs) but even after a prolonged research i still dont know if i can use the ETN-Logo just like that.

The terms of service are clear, its a trademark and usage is forbidden:

On the other hand posts like:

“Can i use electroneum logo?” (i cant post links -.-)

make the impression that usage is tolerated. Other then that, i see lots of merch on amazon and other dropshipping sites.

Summed up, i absolutely dont know if i am allowed to use the ENT-Logo or not. I hope someone can give me a clear answer.

Thank you in advance.

@BegaMutex might be able to answer this better …

Im sure you need permission depending on what your going to use it for

@MSystem @Deleted_Account

@Arsoria added more mods see if they can ask . Sorry no one has gotten back to you

Hey @Plankton_ETN, thanks for your help. Sadly the copyright situation still remains a mystery for me. I found some posts on reddit, suggesting to contact a staffmember of etn. I did but no answer so far.

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The team does have the logo trademarked. They have stated before that they would like anyone wanting to use the logo get a hold of their support and ask for consent to use the logo. They may want some information about how you’re using the logo and for what.

I would definitely go the route of getting consent from the team to use the logo since it is trademarked.

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Added more mods , see if they can respond… some say yes then some say no… lol so it needs clarification … maybe on the website too …

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@Rach may be able to help with this also :+1:

I did put rachels name on them took it off lol i keep adding her to help threads lol …

Sorry rachel lol

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She’s really good at responding promptly and is very helpful so I don’t blame you.

It would also be nice to have an official answer about this. :+1:

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They should put this on the website so people can find that information too

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Thank you guys for your effort. Had a rough day and seeing random people trying to help me is kinda motivating.
@PrestoCrypto yes an official answer would be great. Fun fact if you google for this topic, this post rank pretty hight :sweat_smile:


Were all here to help @Arsoria , if mods cant we will do our best to assist anyone…

This is the nicest community ive ever known …


Hi there please see our brand assets page here: Please do follow the guidelines.


Hmm… well thats vague. Guess i have to sleep a night or two and think about how much i want to put by business at rist.

there really is no rist. :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the guidelines link …

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Remember tis but a guide. :wink:

What’s vague about it? I’ve read it and reads pretty clear cut to me. Just use only those on the page, don’t alter them and don’t use them to abuse or do anything illegal.

The staff have deleted conflicting replies they had given previously, that’s why when you read through this topic now, it doesn’t make sense.
@Arsoria comment was previously correct. :slight_smile: