Deep Link Question


I want to create a payment link with data in it. That automatically redirects to your phone’s app.

something like that?


I also want a payment link so that you can enter the amount later in the app.

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Not familiar with what deep link options there are Licence, perhaps delve into the Payment API code on github as I think that uses deep links perhaps?


Okay, thanks BegaMutex
Just completed a transaction.
I don’t think it is supported in the app yet.
Maybe for the future.

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Maybe a stupid question, but is/can this feature be related to MiCA? If I’ve understood correctly, instant payments will require info abour sender/recipient. Just caught my eye, ad did the requirement for 10 sec finality, which Electroneum is now in compliance.

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That will take a while. (Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA)
yes there is regulation on the way.
Not much is known about this yet…

But above is just my own thing.

many possibilities.
Are you sporty?
Then you can use it for a week-long obstacle run or survival run. You scan the QR code at different locations and the rest speaks for itself. The time and description of the object are recorded on the blockchain. This way the team that organizes it can see exactly whether you have had everything.

There are many more topics.

I will post 1 more.

Geocaching and the end point is a location on a terrace.
This will be followed by a debriefing while enjoying a drink.

Oh, there are so many to name.