Database Migration Monday 10th December


Hi Everyone,

We are performing a large database migration to Amazon Aurora on Monday the 10th at 10am (UTC) which will cause a few hours of down time for both the app and the web wallet system. We have scheduled 5 hours of downtime but will hopefully be back fully live much faster. This upgrade is to give us even more scaling capability for our projected growth in 2019.

Thanks for your patience during this update.

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Oooooo better servers I like it …


Great to hear ! Awesome stuff :+1:


We’re gonna need a bigger boat… :smiley:


That’s awesome, upgrading to some far more advanced capable servers. That’s a wise move and I’m really happy to see this being implemented. Preparing for the insane growth coming in 2019 and beyond, thank you for sharing, exciting news!


Lol that’s right @higltypig. I can see Richard and the team now seeing the massive influx of users and they’re all saying it.


In lay man terms what are they saying I need to know thanks


2019 is getting closer day by day. :grin::star_struck:


a bigger ROCKET! :grin:



Both database types are industry standard, however, Aurora is very well suited to the range of AWS systems used as part of the Electroneum infrastructure. I suspect it will not only make things easier, cheaper and more scalable for the team moving forward… but it may also offer performance improvement due to how fine-tuned it will be as part of Amazons suite.


Can anyone confirm if the database migration is part of the infrastructure required for the future remittance system that was discussed in the following AAT interview? Richard talks about virtualized wallets in the interview but that seems to be another step. I’m not an IT person so I need someone to help me understand where the database migration fits into the master plan.


I just assumed that’s what this is but you’re right I should have asked like you did because this could be just a stepping stone to that.