Database Migration Delay

Hey folks!

We’ve looked at our data transfer rates and it looks like our database migration is going to take longer than we thought.

Everything will be wrapped up and back online by 9pm (UK time) tonight, we’re certain.

Thanks for your patience – sorry for any inconvenience!

Hey no worries , Rome wasn’t built in a day . I would rather it was spot on and delayed now rather than problems further down the road…

Thanks for the update . Take your time


No problem, thanks for the update! :blush:

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Thanks for the additional communication - DB migrations always take longer than expected! Do we have an ETA for when the new miner will be up and running?

I don’t think this is the type of forum where the official channels keep the community updated with the kind of relevant questions that 10’s of thousands of people would like to have a reply for.

At the very least if a few of us read an official reply here, we would spread that info on Twitter and the like.

I’m not in a mad hurry that the app mining is down - just a shame “they” don’t engage us here on their forum.