Cuba gets internet on mobile phones



Sorry folks I couldnt get the link to load.


I think this is your link @Pahini my good ol buddy o mine :slight_smile:
There’s another market to get our feet into …


Thanks @Chris_T
It was an ABC news article.
I was struggling with it after driving for ten hours and travelling for another three.
All in a days work for more bargain Electroneum!!
Its great to see this sort of development for countries that are so restricted by governments.
Freedom of information is everthing.
I talked to a couple of people today on the subject…they were gobsmacked that these sort of restrictions applied to people of the modern world.
If this is the case in Cuba I ask quite openly …
“Where else in the world does this sort of restriction exist?”
China to start the ball rolling…Any others anyone?


Interesting. :thinking::thinking:


Yeah well with constant reference to the “unbanked”…Now we have the “Unphoned”!!


This looks to be very promising in deed


Well I consider myself to be reasonably “well read”.
Was unaware of these restrictions…its a serious boost in numbers of potential investors and users right there.


Just cited an article in
Are there countries without internet access.
They say restricted access or none at all in the following countries.
North korea
Saudi Arabia
This list was updated this year.


Wow @Pahini that’s a list ! I’m actually quite shocked at the places on the list , some of them obvious lol but yeah interesting. If we can hit those markets at the right time ( we do like to be the first !! ) That would be mahooosive

13hrs traveling oh mate you have my sympathy…
Great information thanks for sharing


Yeahhh buddy, Im just a Martyr for more Electroneum.
Im going to lash out when I finish buying at christmas.
Get a new vehicle.Cut down on my tavelling time and find a job that pays a bit more.
This all depends on whether I ever finish buying !!


Hahhaa , I’m with you . I’ll be getting some more soon hopefully. It won’t be much but hey it all will come in the end…


It all adds up.
Just bits and pieces here and there.
I lave a certain amount to live on each week and the rest goes in.
If I get any extra through the week or have any left over before the payday Ill throw that in too.
I might buy four times in a week.
Just squirrelling along.


It’s a shame they are restricted by the cost but at least it’s a step forward.
Internet on mobile and remittances?! Hmmm :face_with_monocle: sounds like a perfect fit for a precious coin we all know and love :heart_eyes::zap::zap::zap:


Yes, I did summon Chris Gorman.
Although Id say his crystal ball is a few days more advanced than mine!


Yeah this fits in very well with what ETN can accomplish! I am so stoked for what ever their next release of info is. He mentioned in his last video something was coming very soon. I am starting to dislike that word soon and would much more prefer he just updates us when the update is ready. That said I am ready for any kind of update and until then I will keep buying ETN :slight_smile:


With the SEC meeting delayed now till Februray, I really dont think theyll push too hard with news and advertising.
Ill say it will be a new years eve thing …one god almighty booom!
I feel we’ll se a decline in price over the next two weeks or so some sort of reversal betwen christmas and new years.


Wouldn’t that be sweet , stuff christmas news just go for the midnight launch of whatever you got and throw it all out there . New year and boooom mega start