Cryptopia withdrawal limit

Just thought it might be useful for people who are attempting to withdraw more than 50,000 ETN to know that there is a 50,000 ETN limit, and you will need to enter 49,995 ETN as the withdrawal amount because Cryptopia figures the 5 ETN fee into the 50,000 limit. Furthermore you will need to have activated 2fa in order to withdraw that amount. Today I purchased 60,000 ETN and had to do 2 separate withdrawals. People out there might already know this, but it was a first for me.

thank you for your effort… this will help new comers into cryptopia exchange :sunglasses:


More a message directed at cryptopia: Why not increase fee when going above 50k instead of having a limit? :nerd_face:

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Good job @Beeeeep I don’t like the cryptopia withdraw rate it should be more then 50.000 like 100.000 or some sort but I can also see why they do that :roll_eyes: