Crypto Recorder Top 10 Article

Hi Everyone

Did you see Crypto Recorder’s piece from earlier this month? It asks the question “how long before ETN becomes a Top 10 cryptocurrency?” and covers KYC, our potential commercial and exchange partnerships, instant payment and how we’re going to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Check it out here:

How long do you think it’ll be before we break into the Top 10? What do you think will be the key feature that gets us there? What do you think we’ll have done in 12 months’ time? Let us know below…

For us to gain ground and make a time prediction it is not easy, if we use the roadmap as a guidance i think we will struggle to be a top 50 coin in 2018, and that is based on the roadmap. We can easily be top 10 2018 if IOS app get out fairly quick and deals with significant companies like Virgin or Vodafone will be announced this month. KYC can be the most powerful tool, but it is just a tool so it takes time before it got an effect on the price, but it is one of the cornerstones in ETN foundation in my opinion. Fore price prediction my guess will be 1$ a year for every big deal ETN got. For really escalation in price the next 12 months liquid exchange can be a key player for ETN if they got their banking license in 2019, that can result in a plastic card for ETN like visa.

User numbers is also an important way to measure the ETN success and can be the most powerful tool for deals. The higher the user number we get the more interest we get from companies that will make a deal with us and i believe the magic number is 10M, a goal possible to reach around mai 2019, and that will be the dollar mark as we go with today speed.

That was my conservative prediction and now for the awesome possibilities also called FOMO and that means 10-100X all above with some ground breaking news and a good marketing campaign. Happy Days