Crypto bull in a china shop

Andreas Antonopoulos is a great ambassador for distributed ledger technology. I’ve noticed he isn’t as happy lately with the directors and institutions now associated with btc.
Sadly btc is being corrupted by institutional regulators and like I’ve pointed out previously these corporations will do anything to stay in power. They have now diverted the flow of bitcoin out of the markets and are breaking it down out of view of the public eye, at the same time this action is bleeding out the market and increasing the holdings of institutions without any engagement or societal influence. This has caused many a strong hand to turn over and palm off any faith they had left in crypto, miners have stopped, It’s sad to witness, because they are literally enabling the institutions they’ve been fighting against the whole time.
I hope Chris Gorman is seriously switched on to this, because ETN would die overnight if institutions tried this on with ETN.
I’m yelling at the top of my voice, in fact I’m prepared to beg Electroneum!
Don’t allow regulators and institutions to back up ETN with anything that amounts to trading it with a chequebook or bond, don’t allow banks to use fractional reserve lending to influence any kind of control over Electroneum in the future because this will allow them to take control back away from the unbanked and If this ever happened my heart would sink.
Someone mentioned that Richard had been approached “already”, about selling ETN over the counter to institutions and that Richard had told them to open an mobile account like everyone else, if this is true I’m so fkn happy, so full of excitement for the future of ETN…I’ve got goosebumps just writing this now, because, if this action was taken by Richard it meens ETN must have complete control of there destiny and its possibly the reason the other 1% have been anti, trying to hold us back.
Some people have been moaning about ETN being regulated, “KYC this AML that”, yet these are the basic fundamental requirements for having a productive and efficient digital economy and they are mandatory in my opinion, they don"t have the full picture, they think they bought a masterpiece at auction and as soon as the hammer went down the picture dropped through a shredder. There complaining now but they won’t be, not for long.
Richard is sitting in the saddle on top of a bull in a crypto china shop, in one hand Richard holds a red hot brand with ETN on its end, in his other hand, Richard holds the string which is attached to the blinkers covering the bulls eyes. When Richard is good and ready he will strike the brand and pull off the blinkers, at that precise moment in time the world will be changed forever.

During the ICO a shiek offered to Richard to buy ALL the coins. He said “no, that’s not how it works.”
If anybody here was around during the ICO you might remember that.


Deep and about half of it went over this country boys head :wink:

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Huh? I was just letting you know something interesting that happened.


I know, it’s all good my apologies.

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I remember he went to Dubai for business after the telco show.