Crazy kyc level 3 details

Hi folks,
I truely believe that level 3 verification is a crazy information requirement.
My salary and bank balance should be a private info that has no sense to be shared to use limitless something that we have supported to be created form ICO stage.
Ok with ID verification, address and anything to confirm that you are who you claim to be, but my bank balance and salary info to move one or two thousand euros a month is crazy. absolutely no sense.

Absolutely nosy

easy just don’t verify kyc lvl3

yeah, easy, how didn´t I notice that¡¡ so if I need to move as little as 500€ it will take 6 months. yeah, cool. No point for electroneum to know that info to allow us to use our cryptos and do payments. Not for moving 300.000€ to pay weapons in the black market, just to buy a PS4 you need to provide your salary, or wait 6 months…yeah clever¡

Hi. I apologise you feel this is nosy. We need people to prove there income due to anti-money laundering laws. You only need to complete level 3 if you are sending over 10,000€ worth over 3 months.

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for buying a PS4 or sunglasses?
Spain has a limit of 2500€ cash payments to control laundering money (countries in eurzone have similar rules) 150€ over 3months is near ridiculous. You have already our national ID via Yoti so this argument is quite invalid here. It is kidnapping our assets unless we provide sensible info with you

With kyc level 2 you can send 9.999€ every 3 months, is that not enough than you must get kyc level 3. Do you understand?

With kyc level 2 you can send 3333€ every month!

150€ per three month period
am I missing something

Yeah, but it means 150€ to 9999€

It is poorly described…

if it that way, yes it is quite poorly described.
Would be nice a ETN support confirmation
Did you try and succeed this kind of transfer?

You don’t need to send in a bank statement for level 2 which is 150€-9999€ over 3 months.

@Rach It is possible to adjust the description unfortunately you can not really read that out in the current description and that confuses many people.
Change to “150€ to 9.999€ pet 3 month period” and the other “over 10.000€ per 3 month period”
i think would be helping much.

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a bit nitpicking: so you can not send exact 10 000 as there is no level for that according to your proposal:)

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ohhh nooo, thanks :joy:

*edit: “10.000€ and more per 3 month period” :wink:

Lol why referring to it as crazy, most sites u visit know more sensitive information about you than providing ur bank details

You probably do not know this, but support did answer you in this thread. Rachel is from the support team.