Couple YOTI to ETN via website/PC

Hi all

question: how can our unbanked friends couple their yoti to ETN? you need to acces the website, right? so all our users need to have acces to a PC at some time. i can imagine this can be a challenge in a lot of developing countries.

What’s your view on this?

there are other ways, just click connect to yoti, click on the electroneum web without a scan…

I’ve done it without a PC to connect to Yoti

KYC doesn’t require you to Scan a QR code when on Mobile. You can click the YOTI icon on your profile settings and it will automatically fetch all your docs on the YOTI app

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Didn’t know that! I also couldn’t find the option… maybe is searched in the wrong place. Good to know that this is not an issue for people who are not able to use a PC. Thanks for the answers

Mobile web users skip the QR code scanning step—the Yoti mobile app directly authenticates them. So all you need is the ETN App and the Yoti App on your phone.