Consider a partnership with celsius network (to earn interest on your crypto)


Celsius network are a platform trying to get the next 100 million users into crypto. They give out loans in dollars by allowing people to deposit crypto via their app. to date they have given out 500 million in loans with no defaults and pay decent rates of interest p/a 3-7% to the community. They are headed up by the guy who created voip. So would be great if this type of app was installed on the new m1 phone. The next step would then to be an approved coin that can be loaned. so effectively people can earn interest on their ETN whilst its in their electroneum wallet




Would the team be interested

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Their founder claims to have invented VOIP. He didn’t. They require massive collateral in crypto to take loans in fiat. That is about all i need to know to not consider them trustworthy. I see two scenarios here. Either they exit scam with all the money they get to come in, OR they function like lowife payday lenders. I would not like to see ETN risk their reputation on an outfit like this.
I must concede there is a teeny tiny chance they are legit and plan to treat their customers fairly and with dignity. Even then, what possible upside is this for ETN?



I have to admit, my bitconnect-radar is going crazy!
Please prove me wrong

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have a watch of this and see what you think then. Ive watched quite a few interviews with this guy

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sure, Ill have a look at it, thanks for the link



no problem. people have to make their own mind up.


#9 this quite interesting bit more about the mans experience and background

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Dont mean to dampen anyones enthusiasm.
There are so many of these out there in the space that we simply dont meet the entry requirements for.
Im all for pitching it to them…but…find out their entry criteria first.
Ive tried quite a few.
Thanks for posting.



if you go to min 16 he talks how new coins get supported.

If for example thier app would be installed on the M1 phone as part of the basic install then that would be a driver for them to support ETN. Im fully aware from my working life how easy it is to come up with an idea but turning it in to reality is much harder. there is a period of due diligence that would need to be gone through if it was a solution that both businesses thought was feasible

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