Competition (Fiat Apps) aka Tesco

Hi guys,

Two things from today, I went into the uk supermarket Tesco and saw an ad at the checkout. So I asked the cashier what it was about as it had a QR code on a phone. Obviously I instantly wanted to know what it was all about.

It is basically an APP you download, add your bank details/clubcard to. Then when you go to the checkout and pay it uses your fiat currency and gives you points for using it. Quite cool. By no means a unique selling point. I know our main areas we are hitting are the un-banked. But as long as Electroneum ensure the app is running smoothly and efficiently. Thou shall maybe not completely conquer but stand by these giants!

The 2nd thing I went into a betting shop (i know bad huh :stuck_out_tongue: ) and had to spend a minimum of £10. I really hope we have a no minimum spend on Electroneum as these card payment providers charge the shops a lot of money which kills high streets also.