Company Update - Video

Company Update - Electroneum

Fantastic surprise video update…

As we all assumed the team are beavering away in the background making etn better than it already is.

Look forward to the new updates…

Onwards and most definitely upwards…



Fantastic video and bright times ahead for sure :))


Mr. Richard, here is an ambassador, here I am, in South Africa, in Bethlehem :joy:
Great update, thanks for all the hard work!!


This video is is in danger of giving @Tanwax a serious fomo attack :laughing:


Yeah he doesnt need much to fomo so he is definitely buying more :smiley:


Great Video @ETNCEO, thank you and the team for all your efforts and hard work. We appreciate everything you do for the project and community.

Below is a TL:DR of bullet points from Video.

Definitely watch the whole video, but below you will find a summary of key points, let me know if I missed anything.

1)Ecosystem - Use ETN for the following

  •  Mobile Top Ups
  •  Food, Clothes
  •  Top up Utilities
  1. New major app release next week. Complete overhaul based on feedback from real people from having resources on the ground in SA.

  2. New App features – inspired by having boots on the group and learning

  •  Faster On-boarding – 30 – 60 secs
  •  Reward users for completing on boarding steps
  •  Push Notifications
  •  Fiat value shown next to ETN on Transaction screen
  1. Hit Unlimited 3 month target even with unwieldy on-boarding process (in Month 2), so after trial is over, expect the wheels to start turning.

  2. 1st Crypto to allow Mobile Top ups to be sold directly from MVNOs for ETN

  3. Gig guru was delayed to get new and revamped App Out

  4. Once App and a proper ecosystem works in test environment in SA, many additional countries ready to go live as well, but are on hold intentionally by team.

  5. Great Feedback from South Africa

  6. Team is very hard at work, regardless of holidays.

  7. Many Institutional investors are interested in Gig.Guru and launch

  8. After next week all hands-on deck to work on


This is perfect, it is so good that the ETN team are giving us some updates on things, small or good, big or bad because we need it to support the team in all domains available, so a big THX for doing this :+1:


future is ours!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great video to re-enforce what anyone on this board already knows. They are hard at work and we will all see that hard work pay off at some point. Fortunatley for us non-team investors, all we have to do is hodl which is hard work in itself for a vast majority of people.

Onwards and upwards…eventually!


great work team!! well done!

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I would say that most investors truly have no idea what it takes to get the adoption going and develop a totally new economy. ETN is the only project I know of who seems to know what they are doing. It’s nice to get these updates and keep everyone informed on things. Identifying issues and fixing them and learning seems to be something only ETN can do. Other projects are moving almost nowhere to go mainstream. Well done ETN team.


Appreciate it, thanks a bunch! Great update! @ETNCEO

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I agree most to all other projects are still focusing purely on the tech and crypto enthusiasts. I don’t think that is wrong either, but in a real world they’re not bringing anything of significant importance.

ETN is atleast trying to make an actual real World difference for the vast majority of humans. And in my eyes the project is going gosh damn well, one step at a time we’re almost certain to make a long-term huge difference for everyone everywhere.

But time will tell wether the majority of humans want it or not, and from what I can tell younger gen people are very likely to adopt a new type of banking and payment system. Which in fact IMO even today ETN is better then the current broadly used system.

I’m fairly certain that we are a GREAT threat to many companies, people, banks and other crypto projects looking into the future.


Great video but clearly 4-6 weeks behind now. But what is that in the journey to mass adoption!

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Too late I got it again


Superb Update, very professional from the team. The little and hard things nobody wants to do, are what make a company. Kudos to them it’ll pay off tinkering with South Africa and articulating the product.