Community Update From Richard Ells 26/03/2020

Hi All

I wanted this update to be focus on Electroneum winning a prestigious award at the inaugural Crypto AM London Awards by City AM, on the 11th March. However, I’ve also decided to make it more general update, in light of the troubling times the world faces. I will talk more about the awards though, in moment or two…

What this update contains:

1. Electroneum staff work from home

2. Details of our award win

3. 24/7 support coming online

4. AnyTask updates

The Electroneum community is made up of wonderful people from all over the world and there are rare occasions like these when we are all touched by the same difficulties and challenges, in the way that we are now.

As a community, it’s in times like these that it’s vital that we all work together to provide encouragement and support to those around us and across the world. So, I wanted to provide you with some answers to questions that you no doubt have about how we here at Electroneum and at AnyTask are managing the project, ensuring our teams health and wellbeing, and how we’re planning to achieve further success and growth.

1. Working from home

All cryptocurrencies in the UK will need to be regulated by the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority) by Jan 2021. As you may already know, we were the first cryptocurrency to embrace KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) measures when we launched. We have built a robust KYC/AML system that enables us to compete on the same playing field as more traditional FinTech companies. But FCA compliance involves a lot more, and part of our journey has been to ensure we have a robust BCP (business continuity plan).

Just a few weeks ago, as part of this project we tested the ability for our business to function normally while our teams worked remotely. And we were delighted to say it was a great success, with communication, productivity and, most importantly security, remaining high.

We could not have known all those months ago, when we started this project, just how quickly this would be called in to action! Last week, we offered all our staff the choice to work from home or, while it was still deemed safe to do so, work from our headquarters. As things have quickly escalated here in the UK, we have now asked that all our staff work remotely. The UK government has just insisted on home working, but we were well prepared and have transitioned over to home working with relative ease.

2. Crypto AM London Awards

We were enormously proud to win the ‘Social Impact & Sustainability’ award at the prestigious Crypto AM Awards on March 11th. We shared the stage with winners of other categories that included industry names such as IBM’s Hyperledger, Cointelligence and CryptoCompare. The event was attended by the Lord Mayor of London and hundreds of people from the industry and media. It was lucky it took place at the start of March, as it would have been forced to be cancelled if it was scheduled for just one week later!

I also had the chance to speak at the awards, where I reminded attendees how cryptocurrencies, such as Electroneum, can provide a solution to the 1.7bn unbanked people who are being left behind in this digital economy. I introduced the AnyTask platform and talked about the impact it can have on sellers who have been overlooked by other platforms in the past.

It is always interesting to introduce Electroneum to someone new. Explaining it from the ground up. AnyTask makes it so easy and they are so receptive to it! Once I explain how the small remittance values being passed from buyers to AnyTask sellers could not be achieved by any mechanism outside of cryptocurrency, and how Electroneum has been designed from the ground up to solve this problem, it is awesome to see the realisation on the audience’s face when they finally understand that Electroneum (unlike a huge swathe of the ‘top 100’ by coinmarketcap) actually solves a real world problem, and is going to be regularly used by hundreds of thousands of people.

You can’t get to ‘mass adoption’ without going through ‘adoption’! We have real people using Electroneum to supplement their income. Within a year we aim to have people that earn their entire living via AnyTask and ETN.

We have built an entire eco-system to allow Electroneum to be earned, easily transferred between users and spent on real-world things of value, in over 130 countries .

The award is a huge accolade for us, and we are grateful for validation from the industry that they see what we’re achieving in terms of meaningful financial inclusion. It is a great honour for our team and for the project. We’ll continue to explore other opportunities to showcase our mission, our projects and our success and hopefully keep stocking up that trophy cabinet!

To see some more about this event, take a look at the Awards photos page on CityAM :

3. Expanded 24/7 AnyTask Support

Exciting news! We have expanded our support team to include 7 people working in shift rotation in the Philippines. They work closely with our UK support team and have been brought up to speed on AnyTask and Electroneum support – including task approval, arbitration requests and more. Due to the way they work, they are giving 24/7 support and task approval, expanding our current support that has previously only operated during UK office hours.

This means buyers and sellers have a better user experience in AnyTask and are more likely to use the platform regularly.

The team will also be learning to support Electroneum queries too, to allow them to reduce the support queue over weekends and evenings.

4. Our projects and plans

This year has been incredibly exciting for us so far, with huge product launches with AnyTask, and successful collaborations with likes of Cellcard in Cambodia. We have also rolled out mobile top in over 130 countries, meaning those earning ETN now have even more ways to use it.

As always, our team spend it’s time ensuring we make ETN more and more useful, and thus far have been successful!

Keep watching this space for more on how you can use ETN in the future, as we work to create more agreements with companies across the world. While we’re working in a challenging landscape at the moment, our business development team are as tenacious as ever and we hope to have more to share later this year!

We are also extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far with our freelance platform, AnyTask. Not only is the platform fairer, but as sellers are paid in ETN, we’re enabling talented digital freelancers who may have been limited because they were unbanked, the chance to be part of this amazing industry – breaking down barriers for financial inclusion.

As we become aware of the financial impact the pandemic is having across the world, we have been looking at ways that we can help encourage users to keep supporting our sellers, while helping to lighten their financial load too. That’s why we have decided to remove all fees from AnyTask until further notice. The site has always been fee free for our sellers, unlike our competitors, but now we want to ensure we remove barriers for our buyers too, knowing that any cost saving at this time, will be appreciated, gaining us valuable market share.

We have over 2,500 tasks listed and we’re seeing more and more buyers coming on board every day, thanks to the investment we’re making in our fantastic digital ads, featured on the likes of Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ads, Instagram . We’re still in BETA, so we’re exploring what our creative home is going to be, trying different messages, with different audiences and we’re seeing some really interesting and encouraging results.

Make sure you are following us on our social channels to see what we’re up to and hear about some of our amazing sellers. And of course, if you haven’t already, register at and start buying tasks!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and being part of Electroneum.

We wish you all health and happiness during these troubling times.

Richard Ells

Founder & CEO, Electroneum

Thanks for the update from Richard, Laura!

I hope the team is well.

There are a lot of content creators on YouTube who promote Fiverr with millions of views and subscribers. Is the Electroneum team planning to get in touch with them? Seems it would be a good opportunity.


I subscribe to this Italian guy and this particular video of his on Fiverr has 11M views.
The guy has over 6M subscribers. He could get a lot of eyeballs and potential sign ups on AnyTask.


Thanks so much!

I’ll put him on the list and see how best we can reach out to him.

Thanks again


Thankyou very much for the update @ETNCEO and @LauraElectroneum … we appreciate the updates and all the hard work the team put in… especially when your all at home.

Stay safe , stay happy

May you all be healthy and get through these crazy times.


The community will continue to promote the best we can. Stay safe



I want to give you a suggestion

Let’s open a support( community) group for Iranians

For Electroneum

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