Community AMA with Richard Ells Round 2 - 2020

Hey Everyone,

So I will be setting up another AMA session with Richard Ells @ETNCEO and its time to gather the next top 8-10 Questions to Ask.

The AMA will probably be in a few weeks and will be posted on my Electroneum101 Youtube Channel.

So let’s hear it, what do you want to know? As long as the question is fair game and relevant in 2 weeks, it will make it to AMA. I will be sharing the videos on Reddit, Twitter, community forums & of course Telegram & Discord.

So Ask Away!

Feel free to look at the sister Reddit Thread to see what was asked already.


How long do you expect the rewards to last seeing as currently 3 dollars equates to around 750 ETN? Can we support millions of users claiming rewards for a significant amount of time? (Currently, 1 million users claiming rewards at 3 dollars per month equals 750m ETN per month)



When do we see a report from Yavin?


@Noonelikesus Keep in mind all that the team don’t speculate or discuss price. Best not waste a question on something Rich wont be able to answer. :+1:


Will there be regular stats updates on anytask users like for example counters shown on the website with numbers of daily, weekly, monthly sellers and buyers. A chart of these numbers would be nice too:)

Dream++: the etn value of all tasks bought daily, weekly, monthly (with charts). Average etn value of a task.


@Sonic That wasn’t responding to your comment, it was aimed at one that has since been edited :+1:


Ah I see. Ok, well I didn’t see. Got a bit confused!

Yes… that was me… I edit it… no problem :wink::grin:

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With regards to the companys roadmap where would you say your focus lies most. Still on solidifing the ecosystem and adding elements to it or focusing on marketing and more deals with large reputable companies?

With regards to user numbers what are your goals for 2020 and 2021 on Electroneum, Anytasks and Taskschool?

With regards to mass marketing how has the AB testing been going, any statistics you can share? What is your main focus/goal of this marketing campaign?


Can we - if not too late - ask RE about what the crypto ban being lifted in India means for Electroneum?

I believe we had a mobile streams deal?



When that Q&A will come up? Any update? Thx

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