Cloud mining hype!

The IOS is out and with such a smooth release!
There’s no doubt a lot of anticipation and excitement, but no one truly knows when the Android app will be upgraded to use the new cloud mining system.

Post here to share your own excitement as well all speculate when and how the ETN developers will push out mobile mining for android users!

I’m currently still using the traditional mobile miner on my android and soon to hit 68 ETN pending! 2/3rds the way to payment! =P
Edit: Android cloud mining is live! Yay!

Alright. I used your code @Storm


Thanks Rexdawn! :slight_smile: lucky I signed on when I did!

Richard has stated they are pushing to have the android cloud miner available prior to MWC. So we have 2 weeks to see if they can make that happen. But if not, I am fine with the existing mobile miner. We have mobile mining available on both major mobile operating systems. We have already won :slight_smile:


I have taken two selfies for the cloud miner. The first was just a pose and the second asked for me to draw a shape on paper and hold it up.

Last night was the selfie with a shape and it was to prepare for a payout as I was more than 75% the way to 100 ETN pending.

Great experience for me. Only negative thought was that it’s mining .14 etn every hour or so and I had hopes for more. Even .18 etn. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t complain though, it’s free and easy.

Great and smooth update!


We are looking at more than 112,000 active miners!! Yay!


Yeah iOS app has the top up feature now too :slight_smile:

Wooah, whaat? I don’t see an official announcement… I only saw the coming soon.

That’s exciting. Hope your right. Surprised only ios… I’d imagine android would test first.

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Yes android had it first but last night iOS had it too with version 4.0. :slight_smile: Good times!