CLI Wallet to bridge stuck

AFAIK metamask integration is not yet ready

latest status

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Works fine in metamask, got it running right now.

Run etn-sc --http, let it sync.

configure the network in metamask to use your local node, works great!

What I think Ikelemen is referring to, is public nodes…which he is correct, the team are setting those up as we speak… but if you run your own etn-sc node, works fine.

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If no other commands are provided, Etn-sc falls back to its default behaviour of accepting connections from the local loopback interface ( The default listening port is 8545. The ip address and listening port can be customized using the --http.addr and --http.port flags:

./etn-sc --http --http.port 3334

Metamask localhost:3334

works well for me

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It looks like the Metamask issue was fixed today. I managed to import my private key and recover my funds. I thank everyone who answered me and especially BegaMutex for your explanations, thank you for your time.