Classes 101 and Beyond!

So I had an idea earlier. I know quite a few people have done various written content, or have contributions they would like to put forward on a variety of different crypto content / videos, etc.

I think one way I can help our community is to get people to send me content (these would be people that want to contribute but don’t want to do or be on video.)

I can then do a video crediting them with the content creation and we can start creating a massive library of videos with a wealth of information. So when we get new folks we send them to the video library that has step by step procedures on all the things crypto they can learn. We can have many people do this and have it organised, unless this already exists and I am gapping out? Thoughts, ideas???

Yes Colin, and others! I know you have already contributed a lot of class like stuff! That was in part my inspiration to do this! Cheers everyone!!!


Ill have to brain @Storm. Lol


The categories I am thinking of are the following,

ETN for beginners,

Technical Applications,

Crypto Terminology,

ICO’s and how they work,

Crypto, Tips, Tricks and Hints

ETN Daily / Weekly Update: Sort of like our own internal newspaper

Spotlight: This would showcase community members and the projects they are working on bringing to light what ever they are doing (this has a lot of potential)

Building a portfolio,

and I am sure you guys will add more content ideas, lets do this :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks @lkelemen awesome sauce!!!

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