Buying ETN directly from ETN app

I think buying ETN directly from d app via debit card or master card will be of good help and reduce complexity in the system

Same here. I remembered when the app first launched and you could buy the coins for a limited period of time.
Really wish I had bought some at the time.

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I don’t remember being able to buy direct, must of missed that one

It was in the very early days of ETN. there was definitely a token sale that lasted for 24 hours I do believe.

Will have to keep my eyes open in the future lol :joy::joy::joy:


It has never been possible to buy ETN via the mobile app.

Can’t see it happening again my friend but if your in the UK and have internet banking you can purchase ETN from a website called cryptomate.
It’s really easy to use too. I received just under 20000 ETN for the sum of £100. It was in my wallet in less than 15 minutes. :smiley:


I think that is something maybe with GDPR and EU restriction that you couldnt buy for more than 1 000 EURO or you need to be 1st secured that this money is not from some robbery or drugs etc… So IDK if it is possible with EU restrictions and law… But would be fine to have partnered with some exchange like transferwise or CurrencyFair or Skrill or some other existing solution… Some merchant that have a lot of small offices in the whole country…

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