Btc dumped hard and reached out our 5th target.

Panic after SEC delayed Bitcoin ETF proposal to 30th of September.

SEC delayed Etf approval for 30th September and Cme futures contract will expire on 28th of September it’s coincidence or they will do long with institutional money after approval. High probability of ETF approval but till then pull back for our next Btc short targets which will 6050$ and 5700$. If this type of manipulation is going again and again then this will be a bad sign for Etf approval because SEC do not want price manipulation like this. Still we didn’t not bottomed out.

What next? CME Futures contract expires on the 28th


They can postpone the ETF on the 28th even further towards even like February 2019 or something i think and honestly what happend in the last few days and with market manipulation happening and without all the regulations they want in the crypto space i wouldn’t doubt that they might actually postpone it further then September sadly the space isn’t ready for it yet in my eyes i might be wrong of course but seeing what happens lately i personally think they will postpone them further who knows even up to 2020 :thinking:

The amount of electricity BTC needs should be the reason it is not gonna happen