BitCoin Exchange Guide Instant Payment Article

Hi folks,

BitCoin Exchange Guide has written a fantastic piece that tells the story of how and why Claes Norin created the world’s first #ETN Instant Payment e-commerce software package.

Check it out here:

Who would be your dream retailer that accepts ETN? Where would you most like to spend it? Let us know in the comments below…

Amazon , eBay , Asda , Sainsbury’s Vodafone , ee , O2 , hmv just about everywhere really but for me personally I’d like to be able to use etn on Xbox if I buy a digital game buy it with digital money …

That would be amazing

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I wish the world bank would make us the preferred currency, if not we do the plan B that @Plankton_ETN suggest :slight_smile: Happy Days

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Here is a few off the top of my head.

  • Tesla

  • Starlink ( Upcoming low earth orbit satellite high speed internet being done by SpaceX )

  • Sony Playstation Plus & Vue

  • Digital Storm ( Pc Builders )

  • Origin PC ( Pc Builders )

  • Netflix

  • Hulu

  • Steam

  • Google Fi