Bitcoin boom is coming


This is a Really positive article from Andrew Fenton.
I rather like this guys no B.S approach.
Hes definitely a Bitcoin bloke!


Fantastic and very upbeat …

If this article is anything to go off . Crypto is going to go through the roof this year…

I strongly believe etn is going to be huge this year through their own merit hard work and dedication. If bitcoin rises we will see gains beyond belief…

Thankyou for this @Pahini


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They have just released Bitcoin tipping on twitter.
Now you can transact minor amounts of bitcoin for next to nothing through their lightning network.
As far as I see it, every bit of adoption for crypto is beneficial.
Doesnt matter who develops what…the whole Cryptosphere has to march in and start grabbing a larger proportion of the money market.
It will happen.
I agree its not too far away.



Tech is juat getting better and better

Joined the twitter tip just to see what its like. Took 2 seconds…

They do call it lightning

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Btc up to 15k again, and Etn to 0.1$would give a good boost😁

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Okay how about the new Generation of Mobile Phone that supports Crypto.
Samsung just released yesterday.
HTC is close.
They reckon the impact will be similar to or exceed ETFs and Bakkt combined.
Even of you dont buy one…so many people simply view the product and will soon take crypto seriously as an integral part of life.


S10 plus crypto wallet…

Mines on order …

Fully encrypted safe.

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The end of ledger nano and trezor?

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I Dont think so.
Not quite yet.
Once you see internet 3.0 emerge I’m quite sure youll see a change.
With increased demand for crypto theres pretty much room for everything to coexist
You also have personal preference.
Many would never store crypto on any device…
New Technology=New generation of hackers…Just ask John Macafee!

No not at all as @Pahini said
This is just a mobile portable version.

We are not fully clear as to what can be stored on it …

For example the Sirin Labs Finney only supports 2 cryptos I believe.
Yes more to come but not time frame given.

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Many people lost their money but those who made profits are more. So, basically it’s what bitcoin resulted as a good investment.

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How much do you guys think Bitcoin would hit after the pandemic and halving? I’m still hoping for a significant jump although it might be delayed.