Binaries for the updated electroneumd / cli-wallet?


Hi. I am waiting to download binaries for the latest cli-wallet which are not yet on github. Any idea when those are released? The latest is from 2018. i’m a Mac user so i need the Mac binaries. Tried to compile from the source but it failed during the compile.


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@Chris_ETN please look at this


Thank you. That was fast :slight_smile:
edit: just downloaded and started it. Noticed it still says the old version. Are you guys sure its the new version uploaded or is the source code for the version just not renamed? what about the red warning. I saw that warning first time about a month ago. See the picture.


in src/ the version number and release name should have been changed. I didn’t get that warning but still syncing, I’m 15 days behind. I’m using Windows binaries


Ok The screenshot is from the Mac binary posted on this thread (the newest one on github). Dunno if they packaged the old binary or just forgot to change the versio name etc…


Here is the link to the github page, be sure to download your version. If you are on PC do not download the MAC etc



I downloaded the zip containing in the name and when I started electroneumd.exe it printed the old version 2 1 1.1 and the version name was aug. 2018.

you can see in the master branch that the version number and name was not changed


OLD win64 binary version reads: Electroneum ‘August 2018’ (v2.1.1.1-a15d47f6)

NEW version reads: Electroneum ‘August 2018’ (v2.1.1.1-release)


My sync is showing block added as alternative on height after updating from GitHub ; is it normal?


Same here on Linux x64 git compiled.
It adds a lot of alternative blocks, after being stuck at syncing for a while.


after downloading or new file I replaced them with the old ones I rebuilt the synchronization of the blockchain from 0. now that it is synchronized it tells me that the version is August 2018 there is something wrong? or is it normal?


Now April 2019.

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Should be sorted now. Try the new ones updated earlier today.

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