Binance Coin of the month


Electroneum Army ! Visit Twitter and comment and tag Electroneum. So that it helps Binance to select ETN.


Liking all ETN posts and retweeting :smiley: We can do it.!!!


Cant find any Electroneum comments to :heart:


Start with these.
Like retweet, comment. :smiley: Go ETN army.


Done.:heart: and retweeted
We took out stellite 52/48
Woot woot!


Ill invite some squirrels now!
Invites sent to this topic


Thanks team ! Need need more people like you all !!


That was totally exhausting!!
I went through the whole list .
All ETN supporters liked and retweeted!


Binance is targeting EU by moving to the UK. (Jersey) Good news for UK traders. Perhaps this way ETN will become more attractive for Binance?..

Listen 08:28-11:02 HERE on the YouTube channel of crypto analist Nicholas Merten